Downloading: Experimental Study of Hydraulic Parameters and Shear Stress in Rectangular Open-Channel Flume
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Experimental Study of Hydraulic Parameters and Shear Stress in Rectangular Open-Channel Flume

Dak Bahadur Khadka

Abstract: There are various experimental results developed for open channel which verified the theory of open channel flow. Study on real channel is costlier and difficult. So physical model based observation gives results which can be transferred to the prototype using model laws. The main governing factors in open flow are gravitational force, momentum change and hydrostatic force which influences to the hydraulic parameters. This study is aimed to derive the graphical relation of the hydraulic parameter with the geometrical parameter by the help of rectangular open flume of length 5m, width 0.37m and maximum depth measurement 0.3m at different slope variation from 0.001 to 0.0066. The supply of water is by the pump motor whose discharge can be measured with the help of orifice meter, V- notch and volumetric bench. From the experiments, the results obtained are much closed to the theoretical relations. The relation of hydraulic radius with depth, section factor with the slope, and the specific energy curve obtained are reliable. The non -uniform flow were observed in both gradually and rapidly varied flow. The observed and theoretical values calculated are within the range of 10 % errors. The most important parameter of the channel geometry is the shear stress development in bed and side wall which is obtained by first approximation theory equations neglecting the diffusions effects. The relation obtained with respect to the breadth /and width ratio variation are good adjustment to the relations established by [1].

Keywords: hydraulic parameters, First approximation theory, separation of shear stress

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