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Association between Diabetes and Periodontitis

Dr. Shashirekha A, Dr. J. Jayaprakashsai

Abstract: Periodontal disease is known as the sixth complication of diabetes. Lately, numerous clinical and epidemiologic reports have shown that local periodontal inflammation induces systemic micro-inflammation, contributing to insulin resistance and increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Although diabetes and periodontal diseases may seem like very different diseases, dentists have known for a long time that people with diabetes are further likely to get gum disease. Also, their periodontal disease may be worse and tougher to treat equated with people who do not have diabetes. If a persons blood sugar levels are under good control, periodontal treatment is expected to be more successful. Periodontal diseases may also have an effect on diabetes according to results of some clinical studies, making blood sugar control more difficult. Its clear that periodontal health is an important key factor for the overall health of a person with diabetes.

Keywords: Diabetes, Periodontitis, Type 1 diabetes mellitus, Type 2 diabetes mellitus, Advanced glycation end products