Downloading: An Automated Experience-Based Business Process Reengineer: Case Study Bank Call Center
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An Automated Experience-Based Business Process Reengineer: Case Study Bank Call Center

Salma Elhag, Ebtehaj Alshahrani, Zainab Alsharif

Abstract: In the wake of the digital era, there has been increased competition among businesses due to technological development, changing customer preferences and globalization. These factors have led to survival challenges in banks. There has been increased demand for efficient and quality customer care services and business agility for speed to enhance profitability and cost reduction. Reengineering is a tool that has been adopted as a major driver of change in major institutions. Business Process Reengineering plays a vital role in enhancing efficiency and productivity. The primary goal of Business Process Reengineering is to improve efficiency, enhance quality services and reduce costs incurred in conducting organizational processes. A major business process in banks is communication and this is done through the operation of a call center. The call center serves to handle customer complaints, requests, and it is a vital tool for the company in enhancing customer services. Most banks however, have still relied on age old call center process models and it has had an impact on their customer relations. For this reason, banks should adopt a shift from the routinely call center process models and reengineer their models to enhance efficiency and cut costs. This research paper examines improvements in the bank call center process model and looks at why it is important for the bank call center and the impacts on the overall institutional performance. The paper concludes that Reengineering the Business processes at the call center increases first call resolution, reduces call abandonment rates, enhances the quality and brand image, helps cut on unnecessary Subscriber Maintenance Tickets and leads to a reduction in repeat calls. All these factors cumulate to increased service delivery and an overally increased performance of banks.

Keywords: Business Process Modeling, Business Process Reengineering, Business Process Improvement, Call Center Process

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