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Methods of Contraception

Dr. Manish Adhia, Anushka Agrawal, Riana Caeiro, Param Desai, Vishwa Naik

Abstract: Contraception is the process of preventing pregnancy by various methods. This paper focuses on different kinds of methods of contraception used in India along with their advantages and disadvantages. As India being a diverse country and has certain beliefs in myths since ages, there is a direct impact on the pschycological behaviour or attitude towards using contraceptives found even today. From this research we would like to draw the opinions of the gyneachologists and finding out which is the best contraceptive method and what all are the difference of opinions between the doctors and the consumers regarding the same. Hence, we had also focused on the most commonly used contraceptives in India and further, we will be conducting a survey which will let us know that which contraceptives are in most demand in the market. It was also studied that how geographic and demographic behaviour affect consumer buying behavior when it comes to contaceptives

Keywords: methods of contraception, pshycologiacal attitude towards contraceptives, difference of opinions between doctors and consumers