Downloading: The Preservation of Traditional Cultural Expression in Aceh and Malaysia
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The Preservation of Traditional Cultural Expression in Aceh and Malaysia

Yulia, Zinatul Ashiqin Zainol, Jumadiah, Nasrianti

Abstract: TCE becomes an interesting issue which is debated in the meeting of the countries in the world. This is to show the existence of TCE is very important for people in the world. TCE is a cultural heritage and national identity. In Indonesia, preservation of TCE has not shown a significant direction, but only a form of protection in the Copyright Act. Where the concept on IPR in the Copyright Act is not in accordance with the TCE concept which is communal and passed down from generation to generation. This article will examine the preservation of TCE communities in Aceh and Malaysia. In the preservation of TCE the people in Aceh have the role of the Wali Nanggroe Institution and the Customary institution of the Majelis Adat Aceh as mandated by the Law on the Governing of Aceh. Noting the existence of community TCE in Aceh which is increasingly influenced by developments in the era of globalization, the government and customary institutions need to collaboration to immediately collect data on community TCE and also formulate Qanun (regional regulations). While in Malaysia, they have a National Heritage Certificate which both protects and preserves the cultural heritage of Malaysia.

Keywords: traditional cultural expression, Aceh, Malaysia, preservition

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