Downloading: Pollution Controlling in Vehicles by Using an Alarm
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Pollution Controlling in Vehicles by Using an Alarm

R. Archana Devi, S. S. Sharmila

Abstract: Now a days air pollution is most dangerous thing that causes disease such as lung cancer, tuberculosis etc., The air pollution cannot be controlled totally but it can be controlled partially. Our idea is based on controlling air pollution partially and also to safe the people from polluted air by using our idea. The vehicles should be checked and must be serviced for twice a month. If it is not done the emission from the vehicles pollute the air more. Our idea is to inform the consumers to service their vehicles. To send a message from the respective vehicle companies to the consumers by using GPS tracker.. When the consumer exceeding the particular limit at that time the companies gave a message to the consumers for servicing their vehicles. We set an alarm in the vehicle which is connected to the motor it will create a beep sound continuously when the vehicle is not serviced. After servicing their vehicles the alarm will back to its normal condition. Suppose if they try to off the alarm in a vehicle in wrong manner the vehicle is totally off and they cannot be taken for normal usage. So the people must service their vehicles in a particular time. This idea is an innovative one and it will be implemented by us as soon as possible.

Keywords: Pollution control, GPS, Speedometer, Motor, Alarm