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Quality Control Product to Reduce Loss Chemicals with Six Sigma Methods

Meike Elsye Beatrix

Abstract: The oil & gas industry development in the era of globalization is currently growing, so the company in maintaining its business should be able to compete closely with companies that produce the same products. To be able to survive in business competition, maintaining quality is absolute which must be made by the company. Apart from maintaining the quality of the products, companies must also do savings on the production process one is by doing quality control therefore the resulting product does not have a high level of rejects waste against the use of raw materials can be limited in accordance with the standards of the company. PT. X is a labor-intensive industry that is engaged in the production of sports shoes business. This research aims to reduce Loss chemical foxing tape according to standards of the company amounting to a maximum of 6 %. The approach used in controlling the quality of the rubber foxing tape is by using the method of Six Sigma. Based on the results of the study obtained DPMO of 1, 171.92 with a sigma value of 2.50. And the biggest defect is shrinkage of 32.83 % or 11, 169 pairs. The cause of shrinkage from the analysis carried out with fishbone diagrams and FMEA are the machines not standard, operators do not run SOP and raw materials expired. Therefore, machine need to be repairs and doing continuous monitoring on whole processes up to finished product.

Keywords: quality control, loss chemicals, six sigma

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