Downloading: A Comparative Study on Rural and Semi Urban Population for Iron Deficiency Anemia
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A Comparative Study on Rural and Semi Urban Population for Iron Deficiency Anemia

Epibeni N Humtsoe, Suresh Kumar Mahaseth

Abstract: Anemia can be described as decrease concentration of blood hemoglobin, which cause decrease transport of oxygen in the tissue and various organ in the body, which may occur due to abnormal synthesis of red blood cell and hemoglobulin. Iron deficiency, one of the major dietary insufficiency diseases seen and effects about more than half of the total population on the earth. Iron deficiency is the most important community health problem disturbing in every ages of the population, its highest occurrence in pregnant women and children below the age of five years. This practical worked was done in Zion hospital Dimapur, Nagaland. During the period of 1 may to 30 May 2019. I was studied on 100 blood sample in which 90 patient have low Hb below the normal level. Out of 90 patient sample 85 patient have Hb level below 10 g/dl and out of 85 patient sample 5 patient have Hb level below 5g/dl. On the basis of low Hb level (men 13-18g/dl, women 12-16g/dl), peripheral smear and ferritin level (male 20-250ng/ml, female 10-120ng/ml). Majority of Iron deficiency anemia were found in females, females were affected more than the males. Most affected age groups between 2050. On the basis of ferritin concentration in serum, majority of the patients were observed to effected from iron insufficiency of anemia. In present study it was found that pregnant women are generally effected by iron deficiency. On peripheral smear we found most patients with hypochromic microcytic. Hemoglobin level is significantly decrease in most of the patients. Some of them having family history for iron deficiency anemia and other are due to malnutrition and deficiency of vitamin B12.

Keywords: Hemoglobian, Ferritine, Normochromic normocytic anemia, Hypochromic microcytic anemia, normochromic macrocytic anemia, normochromic microcytic anemia