Downloading: Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Children: Facilitating Role of Bibliotherapy
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Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Children: Facilitating Role of Bibliotherapy

Dr Rekha Sapra

Abstract: The very concept of social and emotional wellbeing needs to be understood in the realm of resilience and the scaffolding being provided to children during adverse situations. The relevance of nurture and the benefits it reaps for children has been proven beyond doubt. The aim of the paper is to explore the active role of resilience building for providing social and emotional wellbeing through storytelling. Along with this how the nurturer can provide the scaffold during the developing years of the childs life. Based on my research study with ADHD children and other learning disabilities I wish to critically examine and focus on the skills which play a positive role in furthering the childs social and emotional skills. These building blocks can be incorporated in the day to day activities by the nurtures, so as to enhance a childs skills at various crucial junctures during their developing years like relationship building, conflict resolution, facing adversity and enhancing attention for cognitive and academic performance. The study has explored the role of bibliotherapy at length in promoting overall wellbeing and resilience in children. The researcher has developed some simple techniques in the form of a module for enhancing Social- Emotional skills during early years.

Keywords: Resilience, Scaffolding, ADHD, Wellbeing, conflict resolution, Bibliotherapy

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