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Learning Styles to Academic Performance: An Evaluation

Glenn Landicho

Abstract: This study sought to assess the learning styles and academic performance of Mayayap National High School in Cabanatuan City, Province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines. It utilized the descriptive and correlation methods of research. Data were gathered through valid and reliable questionnaire-checklist distributed to the respondents identified through total sampling. Also, interview was used to validate answers of the respondents. In the light of the findings, the study concluded that the respondents were of diverse profiles. Grade 10 English subject students of Mayapyap National High School are potential excellent learners of varied academic focus or area considering that they are multi-modal learners. Similarly, they are adaptive to any form of education or training which is advantageous to them as they take their journey to education. Also, the Mayapyap National High School, if they (respondents) continue their study, would produce graduates who could be functional in a variety of course and employment after graduation. However, profile of the respondents has minute effect to their learning and academic performance. Hence, teachers of Mayapyap National High School shall focus in educating their students according to learning styles with little consideration on the socio-demographic profiles.

Keywords: Academic Performance, Learning Styles, Auditory Learners, Kinesthetic Learners, Multi-modal Learners

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