Downloading: Use of Trichoderma virens in the Control of Tomato Sclerotinia in Cote ''Ivoire
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Use of Trichoderma virens in the Control of Tomato Sclerotinia in Cote ''Ivoire

N'GUESSAN Aya Carine, AMARI Ler N'Ogn Dade Georges Elisee, ABO Kouabenan, PAKORA Gilles Alex, CAMARA Brahima, DOUMBOUYA Mohamed, KONE Daouda

Abstract: A biological control approach using Trichoderma virens has been considered in the suppression of sclerotinia in tomatoes in Cte d'Ivoire. In vivo evaluations by amendment with different doses of a formulation of T. virens (TSM) in one or two applications on naturally infested Songon soils and artificially inoculated soils with an isolated strain in the Songon market garden perimeter. Growth parameters, flowering time and disease severity were noted to see the effect of the different treatments. The results showed that the incidence of sclerotinia is reduced in both types of soil amended with T. virens. In addition, transplants on soils treated with T. virens have better vegetative growth compared to transplants on control soils. The 200 g dose of TSM applied once or twice was more effective in both reducing disease and stimulating plant growth. These results are of interest for the use of this biological fungicide as an alternative to chemical control of Sclerotium rolfsii in tomato cultivation.

Keywords: Biological control, Sclerotium rolfsii, Trichoderma virens, Tomato, Ivory Coast

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