Downloading: Secure Image Encryption Method Using Hyperchaotic Systems
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Secure Image Encryption Method Using Hyperchaotic Systems

Hayder Abbood Qasim

Abstract: With increase exchange of sensitive multimedia data like text, video, voice, image over unsecure networks and to meet the real time constraints, secure and efficient image encryption scheme becomes more and more urgent need to provide the desirable confidentiality and thwart attacks, in this paper a secure image encryption method is proposed, based on fast generation of large keys from two hyperchaotic systems to permuted and mask the plain image with the purpose of get the advantages of these systems, at the permutation step the chaotic numbers generated from systems utilized to shuffling rows and columns of image, will in diffusion step the image is split to 2 sup-images and each part XOR with chaotic mask generated from distinct hyperchaotic system, he main features of such method are high speed, large key space and low computational overhead, as well the experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method have more ability to thwart different attacks such as statistical, differential, entropy attack, and brute-force attack.

Keywords: Hyperchaoc, Initial conditions, Histogram, Correlation