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Histopathological Spectrum of Cutaneous Granulomatous Lesions

Utkarsh N Pattar, Hilda Fernandes, Vasudev Prabhu

Abstract: Background: Cutaneous granulomatous lesions often pose a diagnostic challenge to the pathologists because many of the lesions can clinically as well as morphologically mimick each other. This study was carried out in order to determine the morphology and relative frequency of these lesions and to compare the findings with previously done studies. Materials and methods: A retrospective study of the skin biopsies received in the Department of pathology, FMMC, Mangalore was carried out, and cases of cutaneous granulomatous lesions on histopathological examination and special stains were reviewed. Results: Out of the 84 cases included in the study, male preponderance was noted (71.43 %), Maximum number of cases were observed in the patients of age group in the third and sixth decades. Tuberculoid granulomas were the most common type of granulomas (65.48 %). Leprosy was the commonest cutaneous granulomatous lesion in the study. Conclusion: In our study, Leprosy was the most common granulomatous skin lesion. Histopathological examination with H and E, aided by special stains is the most valuable tool in the diagnosis, management and prognosis of these lesions.

Keywords: Cutaneous granulomatous lesions, Leprosy, Tuberculoid granulomas