Downloading: Influence of Technical Support on ICT Integration in Classroom Practices in Public Primary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya
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Influence of Technical Support on ICT Integration in Classroom Practices in Public Primary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya

Simiyu C. Pius, Mutsotso S., Masibo Edwin

Abstract: Quality education requires efficient systems that would provide a supportive learning environment. Globally, education is experiencing paradigm shifts in instructional practices putting a lot of emphasis on the use of Information Communication Technology (ICTs) in classroom practices. Despite the usefulness of these technologies, their integration in classroom practices is slow owing to existence of some challenges. The study reported in this paper sought to ascertain the influence of the integration of ICT pedagogical skills on classroom practices in public primary schools in Bungoma County, Kenya. The objective was to examine instructional and technical support available for ICT integration in classroom instruction. This study was based on the Rogers theory of diffusion of innovations. The population of the study was drawn from public primary school teachers and Sub-County Quality, Assessment and Standards Officers (SCQASOs) in Bungoma County. Descriptive survey design was adopted and using simple random sampling technique, a sample of 343 was involved comprising of 40 head teachers, 300 teachers and 3 SCQASOs. Data was collected using questionnaires, interviews and observation schedules instruments which were validated by the help of research specialists and their reliability established using the Pearsons Product Moment Correlation Coefficient. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics involving computation of frequencies and percentages. The findings from the study established that teachers trained have only basic application skills for personal use of the internet and communication but not for classroom instruction. Further, most schools generally lack the necessary infrastructure and technical support for ICT integration classroom practices. Therefore, there is need for teamwork efforts to overcome the challenges to classroom ICT integration. The results are envisaged to contribute to the realization of the need for formulation of suitable policies to enhance acquisition of the necessary ICT infrastructure to facilitate the uptake and use of ICTs in classroom instruction.

Keywords: Technical, Support, Pedagogy, Technology, Instruction