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Analysis of Business Strategy in Furniture Company

Risris Rismayani, Intan Perdana Sari

Abstract: This research is motivated by the level of global competition in the furniture export industry, where Indonesia competes with Vietnam and Malaysia. Domestic constraints such as high labor costs and production costs have caused PT KA as a furniture company in Mojokerto to experience a reduction in marketing coverage. For this reason, an appropriate strategy formulation is needed so that the company reaches its vision, namely expanding its business. There are three stages in this study, namely the input stage is done using the matrix IFE, and EFE. Matching stage uses the SWOT and IE matrix. Decision stage uses QSPM analysis to determine the best strategy. The method used is descriptive qualitative and quantitative, where quantitative is used to facilitate qualitative. Sampling is done by purposive sampling method with a total of 7 people. In this study used credibility test through triangulation and member checking to test the interview instrument. The results showed EFE Matrix score of 2.82 and IFE Matrix score of 2.79, so that the position of PT KA in the IE Matrix is in quadrant V, which the hold and maintains strategy. The strategy that is the main priority based on evaluation with the QSPM Matrix is product development strategy by providing customization services of various quality, style and segment levels.

Keywords: Furniture company, IE, IFE, SWOT, QSPM