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Management Practices of Family-Owned Enterprises

Jay Omotoy

Abstract: This study assessed the management practices of small and medium scale family-owned enterprises in Region 02. The descriptive research method was employed. A total of ninety (90) family-owned enterprises were involved selected through quota random sampling. The business establishments were identified through the data coming from the Department of Trade and Industry Regional Office No. 02. The questionnaire gathered data on the management practices of family-owned enterprises, specifically along their operational and people management. Results of the study show that the family-owned enterprises comply with government regulations in the operation of their businesses. Operating expenses are kept as optimal as possible. Moreover, owners of these enterprises have measures to objectively assess performance of their workforce. The family-owned enterprises employ workers based on criteria which they perceive would be at the best interest of the enterprise. The results of the study are consistent across all business sectors, namely, merchandising, manufacturing, construction, service and leasing sectors

Keywords: Operational Management, People Management, Family-Owned Enterprises

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