Downloading: A Framework of e-Kanban System for Indonesia Automotive Mixed-Model Production Line
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A Framework of e-Kanban System for Indonesia Automotive Mixed-Model Production Line

Santo Wijaya, Fransisca Debora, Galih Supriadi, Insan Ramadhan

Abstract: The paper describes a development framework of e-Kanban (electronic Kanban) system for Indonesia automotive mixed-model production line. It is intended to solve problems found during the implementation of traditional kanban system in the subjected company. The traditional kanban system posed inefficiencies in the production line and it has been identified in this paper. The impact is significant in causing delay information for production instruction, loss of kanban cards, inaccurate inventory, and other human-related errors. We also identified that these inefficiencies are also increasing with the increase of product variety and volume in mixed-model production line. The presented framework is the extension of the traditional kanban system that has been running for over one year in the subject company. Design framework objective is to handle all the inefficiencies problem occurred and improve the overall efficiency of material and information flow within the production line. It is a combination of paper-based kanban and software-based kanban system. Paper-based kanban handles the movement of man and material in the production line. While software-based kanban system handles kanban lot-sizing control, production instruction schedule, and integration with the subjected company ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. The contribution of this work is an e-Kanban framework system for an in-house production system that employs mixed-model production line.

Keywords: Traditional kanban system, e-Kanban system, in-house production system, mixed-model production line, automotive