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Research Paper | Electronics & Communication Engineering | India | Volume 8 Issue 6, June 2019

Rover in Mines

Bayana Lakshmi Manasa

Safety of human life is an important factor to improve life safety, many systems have been developed. While working in mines environment, safety is an important factor because mines are underground tunnels. Different accidents may takes place due to various hazardous gases so that many workers are injured and died. This robotic system helps people who are working in mines. Robot enters and moves in mines to detect hazardous gases, provides information and alert people. The control system uses FRDM-KL25Z connected wirelessly to a motor robotic vehicle which accordingly realizes qualitative identification for different gases using various sensors. The acquired data is transferred to the administrator through ESP8266 module. So using this robotic system, probability of accident is reduced.

Keywords: ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module, Ultrasonic Sensor HCSR04, 12V DC Geared Motor, MQ Gas Sensors

Edition: Volume 8 Issue 6, June 2019

Pages: 827 - 832

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