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Bilateral Rectus Sternalis Muscle: An Anatomical Variant of Anterior Chest Wall

Dr. Aparna Vedapriya.K, Dr. Dasarapu Priyanka

Abstract: Introduction: Rectus Sternalis muscle, an uncommon anatomical variant of the chest wall musculature located in the anterior thoracic wall, superficial and perpendicular to the pectoralis major and parallel to the sternum. It is regularly present in lower animals and is occasionally detected in humans. A Cadaveric study which was done and the details of this muscle has been presented to establish the importance of Rectus Sternalis. Methods: The study was undertaken on 22 embalmed adult human cadavers irrespective of age and sex used for undergraduate dissection from the Department of Anatomy, Osmania Medical College over a period of 2 years. In this present study, in an elderly male cadaver, a normal anatomical variant of anterior chest wall musculature was found. Photographs and details of this muscle were taken after cleaning the dissected region. Results: In the present study, three slips of rectus sternalis was seen on either side of sternum in anterior chest wall, which were bifurcating below and blending with external oblique aponeurosis, above into the pectoral fascia superficial to pectoralis major muscle. Conclusion: Rectus Sternalis is a rare but a normal anatomical variant in the anterior chest wall musculature and knowledge on it is important, for interventional and diagnostic procedures which are related to this region

Keywords: Pectoralis major PM, Rectus sternalis RS