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Recent Management of Double Pterygium: A Hospital Based Study

Dr. Vinitkumar S Kamble

Abstract: Recent management of double pterygium: A hospital based study ( DR. VINITKUMAR S KAMBLE, MBBS, DNB, FELLOW IN ANTERIOR SEGMENT OPHTHALMOLOGY, SCEH EYE HOSPITAL, LAHAN, NEPAL ): Purpose: To describe a recent management of conjunctivo-limbal autografting (CLA) for double pterygium in single eye & to evaluate post surgical outcome on follow up. Method: A total 6 months prospective short study in which fifteen (15) patients were selected who had double pterygium in one eye & serial analysis of 15 eyes of surgically managed double pterygium was done. The conjunctivo-limbal autograft from Nasal & Temporal pterygium in same eye was taken from the neck-body of pterygium on either side & the harvested conjunctivo-limbal autograft from the neck-body of the nasal pterygium was transferred to temporal pterygium & similarly temporal autograft nasally with minimal loss of limbal stem cells. The patients were followed up per month to check for any recurrence or complications. Result: No recurrence or other complications was noted in any patient. Conclusion: Transferring conjunctival autograft harvested from neck- body of nasal & temporal pterygia in the same eye to utilize for autografting in temporal & nasal pterygium in double pterygium is less complicated & useful procedure for double headed pterygium.

Keywords: : conjunctivo-limbal autografting CLAG, limbal stem cell dysfunction LSCD, limbal stem cells LSC, AMG Amniotic membrane graft, Vicryl Ethicon Polyglactin