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Integrated Agriculture System Using IoT

Utkarsha Patil, Vaibhav Patil, Shubham Tavate, Apurva Gat, Sanjeev Wagh

Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) has brought revolution in each and every field of human life by making it intelligent, smart and automated. 70 % of India is covered by agriculture. But most of agriculture is done by traditional way due to which it is not so improved. So, we need to use various technologies to improve agriculture. This paper aims to making use of new technologies like IoT and Smart agriculture in order to improve the efficiency of existing agriculture system. Smart agriculture is automated technology which uses IoT technology in order to automate the processes in farm. In this paper, sensor response technology and wireless communication of sensors over internet is studied and reviewed. The features of this paper includes better utilization of water resources, improve the quality of farming, gives alert through SMS, advice on weather and crop etc. The system reduces human efforts as well as monitor and control agriculture system remotely.

Keywords: Internet of Things IoT, automation