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Ayurvedic Approach in Diabetic Retinopathy

Upendra Nath, Priyanka, Yogita Jain, Mohd. Arif

Abstract: Diabetic retinopathy is the most common diabetic eye disease and a leading cause of blindness. Almost every patient with long history of uncontrolled diabetes suffers from diabetic retinopathy sooner or later. It affects the person in various stages and symptoms are widely different in patients. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels affect the permeability and blood flow of retinal blood vessels. The resultant is leaking blood from the vessels even with a mild mechanical jerk or even with slightly increased blood pressure. In early stages, there are small dot hemorrhages in retina or vitreous. The stage can lead to significant vision loss if there is leakage of vessels underneath macula. The resulting macular edema causes disturbance in the uniformity of the retinal surface and hence, the patient sees the distorted images. In advanced stage, proliferation and neo-vascularization result in severe and multiple hemorrhages that ultimately lead to vision loss as the degeneration progresses and becomes irreversible too. STAGES: Two types, or Stages of retinopathy: Non Proliferative or Proliferative. TREATMENT: Diabetic retinopathy is caused by vitiation of Vata, Pitta & Kaphadosha. Diabetic retinopathy can be well controlled by Ayurvedic treatment as Ayurvedic herbs not only reverse the blood clots formed in retina and vitreous but also strengthen the metabolic functions so that further chances of blood leakage can be minimized. All these things are possible only if there is strict control of blood sugar level. The major Ayurvedic procedures done for Diabetic Retinopathy are Tarpana, Pariseka, Takradhara, Anjana, Vasti, Aschyotna.

Keywords: Diabetic Retinopathy, Tarpana, Pariseka, Aschyotana, Vasti, Anjana, Takradhara