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Vulval Filariasis - A Case Report

Dr. Sonali Deshmukh, Dr. D. K. Soyam, Dr. Madhuri Kilnake, Dr. R. Koreti

Abstract: Introduction: Lymphoedema is the accumulation of lymph in the soft tissue due to obstruction of Lymphatics. Vulval filariasis is extremely rare and accounts to 1-2 %of total cases of genital Elephantiasis. Case report: 35 year old unmarried lady from a very remote of Korchi in Gadchiroli noticed a swelling 20 years back.However she chose not to seek treatment for the same and was noticed by a doctor on house to house polio survey and was refferred to Government Hospital.She underwent a wide mass excision oif Bilateral masses measuring35 x30 cm mass arising from right labia majora and 30x28 cm mass aring from left labia followed by vulvoplasty and restoration of near normal Labia.Other possible differential diagnoses were excluded, and ancillary tests were performed to reach a conclusive diagnosis of vulval elephantiasis on histopathology. Conclusion: Vulval elephantiasis due to filariasis is rare. Its diagnosis on histopathology is more often by exclusion. High index of suspicion on microscopic findings and corelation with relevant diagnostic tests are required to reach the correct diagnosis.

Keywords: vulval filarisis, neglected case of large vulval filarisis