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Voice of Arabs Taabbata-Sharran: A Bandit by Name a Poet of Pride

Yahya Saleh Hasan Dahami

Abstract: The magnitude of the Arabic language holds back from its being one of the unblemished languages in its brilliance and its reiterated capability to adapt to countless different sciences and knowledge. The Arabic language has reached creativity and ingenuity in diverse fields and genre of literature in which the supreme is poetry. This article attempts to present the inner landscapes of Taabbata-Sharran and his profession placing him in the context of both his social milieu and his age. The paper aims at studying the figurative, allegorical and appealing images in Al-Gafiah of Taabbata-Sharran in which it follows the inferential inductive critical methodology concentrating analytically on his Al-Gafiah poem. The study attempts to divulge in the analysis the appealing qualities and poetic matters as well as the rhetorical images in it with particular reference to the first ten verse lines. The article begins with an introduction to Arabia and the Arabic Poetic Language then shifts to shed light on the poet Taabbata-Sharran as a great poet of Arabia, the center of the Arabic language. It is concluded with a brief examination and comments on the poem Al-Gafiah trying to catch on the original Arab ideals, morals, integrity and beliefs in pre-Islamic Epoch it contains.

Keywords: Arabic language, brigand, nobility, pre-Islampoetry, Thabit Al Fahmi