Downloading: A Clinical Study in Diabetics and its Effects on IOP in Relation to Blood Sugar Levels
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A Clinical Study in Diabetics and its Effects on IOP in Relation to Blood Sugar Levels

Dr. P. S. V. Saleem Basha, Dr. Balla Vidya Sagar

Abstract: Diabetes Mellitus, a major cause of visual disability and blindness in developing and developed countries. DM Cause many ocular manifestations. One is blood sugar levels and IOP. By testing blood sugar level in DM patients with orthotoludine method and relation with IOP levels recorded by Goldman applanation method by a number of experimental studies. Aim of the study: Diabetes Mellitus is one of the major tragedies of Ophthalmology in our present generations affecting all the age groups. DM is one of the major causes of blindness and visual disabilities throughout the world. Diabetes Mellitus, a disorder of the carbohydrate metabolism characterized by hyperglycemia and glycosuria due to deficiency or diminished effectiveness of Insulin. In the present study was under taken to review the possible relationship between IOP in relation to blood sugar levels. The main objective of this study to know the possible relationship between various levels of blood sugar in diabetic patients and effect of IOP. In this study 100 cases of known target population of diabetic patients were taken in randomized manner. Material and Methods: The study of IOP in relation to fasting and random blood sugar levels in Diabetes Mellitus has been carried out in REH, Kurnool and Outside Hospital patients admitted in endocrinology unit of GGH, Kurnool for various medical complaints.

Keywords: Diabetes Mellitus, blood sugar, Orthotoludine, Iop, applanation, gonioscopy, ophthalmoscopy, mean intraocular pressure, primary open angle glaucoma

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