Downloading: Indian National Congress and Eka Movement in Awadh*
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Indian National Congress and Eka Movement in Awadh*

Amit Kumar Tiwari

Abstract: Awadh region has glorious historical background. In ancient India, Awadh region came under Kaushal Janapada. According to Hindu mythology, Rama was the king of Kaushal Janapada whose capital was Ayodhya which is now in Faizabad district of Utter Pradesh. This area was the heartland of Saltanat kings as well as Mughal kings because of its agriculture production. In later Mughal period, Awadh became independent state. Dalhousie conquered Awadh in 1856. And, after British control, a series of peasants movement started in different parts of Awadh. After the establishment of Indian National Congress, peasant movements got new dimension. The discourse on peasant movements have been discussed by mainly three school of thoughts in India such as Marxist perspective, nationalist perspective and subaltern perspective. Therefore, this paper is an attempt to understand Eka movement under the umbrella of Indian national Congress.

Keywords: Peasants movements, Indian National Congress, Kisan Sabha, Eka movement