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Rural Education in India: Issues and Solution

R. Prabakaran

Abstract: Education is very important. No one would argue about the validity of this statement. But good education in various countries is very limited. Most of the time, the scarce resource of a good school education is only available to the few elites of the society. This seems to be especially true in India. India has many problems in its education system one of the biggest populations in the world. The problems of India are not exactly unique as the same issues are faced by similar societies and cultures across the globe. The government aims to increase this percentage by at least 30 percent before the end of 2020. Before the government can do so, a great deal of critical analysis needs to be done about the importance of education accompanied by the implementation of new rules and regulations that could make the quality of education in India better. To start this great revolution, here is an in-depth analysis of what are the fundamental problems with Indias educational system and how they should be changed.

Keywords: Implementation, Accompanied, Education System, Societies