Downloading: Analysis of Water Distribution System in Limbayat Zone of Surat
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Analysis of Water Distribution System in Limbayat Zone of Surat

Siddiki Abdur Raheman M., Dr. Minakshi Vaghani

Abstract: This study includes selection of a specific urban pocket of Surat city and analysis of the existing water distribution system in that area and also providing remedies to cope it. The reason behind this scarcity is the pressure fluctuation. There is large variation in pressure head. The pressure supplied is not sufficient to fulfil the water demand of limbayat zone. The WATERGEMS V8i programme analyses the pressure at each node, track the flow of water in each pipe and height of the water in each tank during simulation. After simulation of existing water distribution network, results were presented in various forms and compared Water distribution networks are very important for the development of an area as they serve many purposes in addition to the provision of water for human consumption, it directly influences to the nations development. The design of new and/or up-gradation of existing with the field actual data. This paper covers the water scarcity problems to consumer and the problem of leakage in the distribution system in particular with an explanation of its causes and its impact on various aspects of life and a clarification of the possibility of effectively using of geographic information systems to contribute in the management of this problem.

Keywords: Hydraulic Simulation, Pipe Network, Water Demand, Water distribution system, WATERGEMS