Downloading: Impacts of Competency Mapping at it Sectors in Chennai
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Impacts of Competency Mapping at it Sectors in Chennai

Sakthi S.

Abstract: Competency Mapping is one of the tool which the organization uses to identify the skills of the employees. A skilled Employee may perform his duties which will lead to increase the output of the organization. But in todays world the main problem is that, all people have different types of skills, and learning how to deal with it is important in order to maintain such skills. The skills may have the potential of being either constructive or destructive in an Organization. Successful handling of skills is a positive experience that gives the participants the opportunity to learn about themselves and others in the process of competency mapping. It is important for employees to know different types of skills so as to ascertain the appropriate one to use to reach an effective work in the organization. This paper focuses on Employees Awareness of different types of skills and how such skills are used by the employees contributing to the organization through Competency Mapping. In order to find out the results of the above mentioned objectives, Chi-square tests and Anova are used.

Keywords: Competency Mapping, Skills, Employees Awareness, Employees Contribution