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The University: From State Bureaucracy to Scientific Communities

Carmita Alvarez, Jose Mara Lalama, Erick Bojorque, Gerardo Villacreses

Abstract: This article is a response to the need to consider a profound reflection on the state of higher education and a proposal for contributions to a very important and current discussion at the time. The role of education in the formation of individuals and in the development of society is unquestionable, through it is transmitted, from generation to generation, knowledge, culture, prejudices, values, among others. Education is a shared responsibility and only with our joint efforts will progress be sustainable; The citizens of the future must be trained to adapt to a complex reality and this must be oriented to the formation of values, of an individual capable of facing the different difficulties and solving problems that are presented to us. The challenges facing education are many, propose solutions and carry them out should be a social effort, joint and coordinated. From there a literature review is proposed to reflect on the current state of the university compared to what has been established from the bureaucratic processes that the system obliges to comply with, leaving aside its raison d'?tre as an institutional mission in the face of responsibility substantial in the development of a country and the society to which it is owed.

Keywords: Scientific communities, bureaucracy