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Creativity and Innovation in Google

Abrar Alhajri

Abstract: As major primary drivers for growth and profitability in business, both creativity and innovation naturally feature at the top of many corporate agendas. Organisations have recognised that world-class operational excellence and efficiency alone are not enough to sustain competitive advantage and differentiation in rapidly changing environments and fast growing, challenging, global markets. Instead, leaders and businesses alike have striven to reward creativity and innovation. Google Inc. is a good example of those few successful corporate bodies that truly harness their capital, human and psychical resources in fostering creativity and innovation. Googles generation of almost US$30 billion revenues in 2010 and its assumption, in 2011, of the title of the worlds most valuable brand (Anon, 2013) testify to its success in launching a stream of new and innovative products many developed in house, and some acquired.

Keywords: Creativity, Innovation, Google