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Design of a Safety Accessory against Fire in Automobile

Baltha Manoj Kumar, A. Pradeep Reddy, K. Sai Kumar

Abstract: In India, number of accidents occur in our day to day life like fire accidents, road accidents etc., which occur due to negligence.During summer most of the accidents are due to fire because of overheating of the engine, lubricants, coolants and other parts that are made of thermoplastic materials in the area of the engine where heat is produced in the vehicle. This leads to burning of engine and blasts the complete vehicle which also leads to huge human and economical loss. Understanding the various issues regarding the mobility equipment, DESIGN OF A SAFETY ACCESSORY AGAINST FIRE IN AUTOMOBILE is introduced in order to save people from the fire, high pressure fire extinguisher is placed in parallel to the engine which is activated with the help of compression springs, so that it comes into play when the engine is overheated. This will be an asset for the automobile users, which becomes a helping hand for the people from fire accidents and hence saving their lives and property.

Keywords: Engine, Working principle of fire extinguisher, Melting temperatures, springs INCONEL 718