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WSN based Air Pollution Control System

Jyoti Sharma, Puneet Sharma

Abstract: Air pollution monitoring is extremely important as air pollution has direct impact an human health and environment. A traditional air quality monitoring method is to build air quality monitoring stations but this method is expensive and provides low resolution sensing data. The paper proposed on Urban air quality monitoring system based on the wireless sensor network technology and integrated with the Zigbee wireless technology. This paper focus on Zigbee as a technology innovation which would bring about low cost connectivity, its architecture and applications. Main functioning unit Composed of A sensing unit is designed and programmed to sense gas pollution in air in busy areas that can sense humidity, light, pressure etc. A converter that transforms the sensed from an analog to a digital signal a processing unit in the microcontroller process the signals sensed from sensor with the help of embedded memory operating system, associated circuitry. A Radio component that can communicate with the Zigbee node or Zigbee router which collect the sensed pollution gas level from sensor node and forward to pollution server.Powering to these component is typically is one or two small batteries.there are also some wireless sensor utilized in application that uses a fixed value, wired power source and do not use batteries as a power source.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Zigbee transmitter module, Zigbee receiver module, MQ-7 Sensor, Microcontroller Atmel