Downloading: Factors Affecting on Child Health and Immunization under Five Year Children in Bangladesh
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Factors Affecting on Child Health and Immunization under Five Year Children in Bangladesh

Dr. Md. Roshidul Islam, Mst. Lubna Yasmin

Abstract: Immunization is the process whereby a person is made immune or resistant to an infectious disease. In recent years, Child health and Immunization is an important topic or problem for debate or discussion. Childhood immunization for child health very nearly gage defense from many serious diseases. The present study aimed to assess the influential factors that affect health and immunization under five years children in Bangladesh. We have attempted to estimate the relationship between associated variables by using the Pearson Chi-Square test. It also show that how important an individual variable is by itself. The study also employed a statistical technique namely, logistic regression analysis. Logistic regression analysis has been used to find out the effects of the selected demographic and socio-economic factor on health and immunization. Qualitative findings indicated that mothers reported benefits of immunizing children that appeared to be a major reason for their childrens immunization. We observed that 86 % mothers who are illiterate, they have highly unconscious about child health and 93 % poorest have also unconscious about child health, also place of delivery and size of child at birth are more important significant factors for this topic. From the logistic regression analysis technique the variables Current age of children, Mothers education, Mothers occupation, Fathers education, Wealth index, Place of delivery, Source of drinking water, Size of child at birth, No. of living children, and No. of household member are significant effect on child health and Immunization.

Keywords: Health, Immunization, Knowledge, Under five children, significant factors