Downloading: Optimization of Quality and Accuracy in ECM Process with Hybrid Method
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Optimization of Quality and Accuracy in ECM Process with Hybrid Method

Pushpesh Dansena, Akshay Kumar

Abstract: Quality and accuracy are two important characteristics have become excessive concerns in todays industries. Every manufacturing unit essentially concentrations on these areas in relation to the process as well as production developed. Achieving high quality necessarily requires higher degree of skill, with machine/tools, advanced technology, immense and considerable time. Improvement of quality results as well as improved the accuracy also. Thus, optimality must be maintained between quality as well as accuracy. The study of Electrochemical machining (ECM) has invested himself as one of the major other possible way to conventional methods for machining hard materials and complicated outlines not having the residual stresses and tool wear for improved the quality and accuracy. The present work is to investigate the surface roughness and overcut on ECM process. The surface roughness i.e. (Ra value) of the machine surface has been chosen as surface quality evaluation with the necessity to minimize it, whereas overcut of the work-piece surface has been chosen for accuracy estimation with the result to minimize it. These two responses have been simultaneously fulfilled machining parameters with PCA based grey relation analysis this hybrid optimization approach coupled with Taguchi design of experiment techniques.

Keywords: Electrochemical machining ECM, Surface Roughness, overcut, Grey relation analysis, Principal component analysis