Downloading: Accuracy of Hopelight (Mammolight) Imaging in Detection of Breast Cancer
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Accuracy of Hopelight (Mammolight) Imaging in Detection of Breast Cancer

Dr. Abdullateef Aliasghar, Prof. Dr. Nada A S Alwan, Dr. Khaleel Ibraheem Mohson, Dr. Enam Azez Khalel

Abstract: Background hopelight (mammolight device) is a transillumination of breast tissue with low intensity light for detection of breast lesions, however, its value has not been well established. Objectives to determine the diagnostic accuracy and sensitivity of hopelight in detection of breast cancer with radiologic-pathologic correlation Patients and methods a prospective study was performed in Radiology department at the Oncology Teaching Hospital, Medical City Complex in Baghdad (the main tertiary referral public center for breast disease in Iraq). This study enrolled 100 females attending mammography and ultrasound unit for screening, diagnosis or follow up of breast lesions in the period from March 2014 to November 2014. Breast examination was initially performed for each patient by hand-held hopelight device followed by mammography and/or ultrasound study and results were classified from normal to highly suspicious breast lesions according to breast imaging reporting and data system (BIRADS) then fine needle aspiration cytology or biopsy was acquired for BIRADS-IV and BIRADS-V lesions for histopathological review and final diagnosis. Results demographic, clinical and imaging findings were reported and statistical analysis obtained and sensitivity, specificity and accuracy were 66.66 %, 51.06 % and 52 % respectively with 8 % positive predictive value and 96 % negative predictive value. False positive results were detected in 46 % of the patients whereas false negative outcomes were 2 %. Conclusions hopelight device cannot be safely used for screening of breast cancer and cannot be used alone because of high false positive outcome and low sensitivity, specificity and overall accuracy in detection of breast cancer.

Keywords: hopelight, mammolight, breast