Downloading: Assessment of Feeding and Mortality Pattern among Children
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Assessment of Feeding and Mortality Pattern among Children

Neha Kapoor, Rajni Thapa

Abstract: Several programmes have been implemented by Government of India along with WHO and UNICEF to improve the health status of infants. For the effective child health care delivery. Information regarding infant feeding practices and pattern of morbidity is important. This study was done to describe selected newborn and infant feeding practices, morbidity pattern and care given during the episodes of illness in DM Colony UT. The objectives of the study were to study the feeding practices & morbidity pattern of children. A house to house survey was conducted & systemic random sampling method was adopted for the study. Total 101 subjects were enrolled to collect data. Results of the study concluded that the majority of the delivery took place in hospital and mothers initiated breast feeding within one hour of delivery. Approximately half of the caregivers give prelacteal feed to the child. Complementary feeding was started at or after 6 months of age of the child. Majority of the children birth weight was in normal range and 1/4th of the child suffered from problem, mainly jaundice at the time of birth. Frequently occurring morbidities in children were diarrhoea, acute respiratory tract infections and conjunctivitis.

Keywords: child morbidity, feeding pattern, caregivers, illness episodes, complimentary feeding