Downloading: Current Scenario of Medical Tourism in Chennai its Aspects and Strategies
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Current Scenario of Medical Tourism in Chennai its Aspects and Strategies

Vimitha, V. Shobana

Abstract: Tourism is a ongoing industry that is highly influenced by economic value and potential growth. The development of various infrastructure facilities has led way for many visitors from all around the world for various purposes. In tourism industry medical tourism field is the developing field that is attracting foreign patients from other countries to Chennai for various treatments. In Chennai medical tourism plays a important role as it provides treatments in affordable price with is 10 % less compared to cost of treatment that is available in United States. This study attempts to bring out the ongoing facilities in Chennai, about famous hospitals that are providing best treatments to abroad patients and the development procedures that are adopted. The current medical tourism in Chennai attracts most of the other country patients who become aware of many hospitals in Chennai through websites and Indian doctors who work abroad. Medical tourists choose Chennai because of low costs of health care with international high standard. It also has hospitals minimal acceptable high standard of care minus the ambience for extremely cost conscious patients who need urgent medical care but with limited financial resources.

Keywords: Foreign patients, development procedures, medical tourism, international standard and financial resources