Downloading: A Customer Centric Improved Cloud Service Model
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A Customer Centric Improved Cloud Service Model

Khaled Hamed Abdulla Bouba, Prateek Singh

Abstract: Cloud computing is a new Internet-based computer technology. As a new concept, cloud computing has attracted the IT enterprise attention especially the e-commerce enterprise. At present, there are great problems of environmental costs during the application of e- commerce by the enterprises, but with the advent of cloud computing, all such problems can be shorted out. The paper puts forward that cloud computing has a wide perspective in the application of E-commerce by describing the conception and characteristic of cloud computing, and special analysis of the main aspect of improving E-commerce by cloud computing. Although Cloud Computing can bring lots of opportunities for e- commerce companies, there are still some issues that needs to be address before we move on to the cloud. For examples, there is no unified Cloud standards yet which may cause trouble to use Cloud Computing, the quality of Cloud service cannot be guaranteed, migration effort should be considered, etc.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Web Technology, IT Service