Downloading: Caries Experience among Parkinsons Disease patients in Baghdad-Iraq
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Caries Experience among Parkinsons Disease patients in Baghdad-Iraq

Ali Farouk Al-Taweel, Alhan Ahmed Qasim

Abstract: Background The symptoms of Parkinson's disease (PD) can lead to problems in movement and coordination that lead to difficulty in maintaining well oral cleaning which can then negatively affect dental status of Patients. Aim of study To evaluate caries experience (crown and root caries) among Parkinson's Disease Patients with age and gender in Baghdad-Iraq. Methods The sample consisted of 104 patients with Parkinson disease attended to the Neurosciences Hospital in Baghdad city / Iraq, aged 60-79 years. Dental caries experience was recorded by DMFS and Root caries for permanent teeth according toWHO1997. Results All component of DFT including the DT and FT with DFT found to be decrease with the increasing of age but with no significant difference. With the most component of Decayed filled tooth (DFT) was found to be the decayed one (DT) which is higher than the filled one (FT) and DT in female higher than male with no significant difference. The mean number of teeth present in the mouth was found to be decline with the inclination of age with highly significant difference (P>0.001), males had more teeth in their mouth than females with non-significant difference (P>0.05). All root caries components decreased with increasing of age with significant difference (P

Keywords: Parkinson disease, Parkinsonism, Oral health, Dental caries