Downloading: An Approach for Horizontal Scaling of Cluster
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An Approach for Horizontal Scaling of Cluster

Manodaya B. Gavali, Navnath Kale

Abstract: Cloud computing is nothing but the delivery of computational power in the form of service and not in the form of a product, here shared resources, software and data are given to computers and other devices as a metered service over a network.Platform as a Service is a one of the cloud based approach that provides companies all the functionality for developing, deploying and managing the services, without any load to configure, install and manage the middle ware, hardware and operating system.The objective of this framework is To provide an event driven framework to manage computing platform based on demand.System is proposed to organize middleware and virtual machine to provide High Availability clusters. A deployment diagram is used to catch the idea of topology of a cluster used in cluster scaling. This framework provide facility to scale out/in resources in cluster, when load at the cluster is increased then new node is created and attached to cluster according to configuration given in deployment diagram, also when load decreases resources are released to free pool.

Keywords: cloud, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, HA cluster, Scalability