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Phonetic Search in Facebook

Archana M, Nandhini S S

Abstract: A novel work Phonetic Search in Facebook is presented, which searches the all over the Facebook database and fetches the result based on the pronunciation of the. This system classifies the information retrieved so that the user is able to view the results based on its domain and also provides filter setting during the search and fetches the variants for the and displays the precision percentage for total number of exact and variant match of the. The existing system is Facebook search where it provides search results only for the exact match and also it is not possible for the user to select and find the exact one from the list that is displayed where the user is not supposed to download the result. The proposed system is to access the Facebook database and to group all the retrieved data into the fields such as time, link, location and name. The search to be made is based on the pronunciation of the. It also provides cache memory such that the user will be able to see the results of the search history when the user is offline. The user will be allowed to set whether the search should be made within the pages or public posts or even both. The user requires the Facebook developer API key and the Facebook user account to access the Facebook database to make use of the system. The system will provide the search results along with the variant. The results can also be downloaded.

Keywords: Phonetic search, Facebook, String Matching, Knowledge Discovery Databases KDD