Downloading: Stress Analysis of Laminated Composite Beam by Using MATLAB Software
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Stress Analysis of Laminated Composite Beam by Using MATLAB Software

Tariq Salem Alshahbouni

Abstract: Composite materials have fascinating properties like high strength to weight ratio, easy fabrication, sensible electrical and thermal properties compared to metals. A laminated material includes of many layers of a composite mixture consisting of matrix and fibers. during this paper, the normal stress and shear stress inside the laminated composite beam are analyzed by using MATLAB software, the stress and strain developed in plies of each sub-laminates due to an axial loading (Nx) at the centroid of the beam. the main goal of this paper is to illustration the benefits and ease use of MATLAB software to analysis the laminated composite beam and to find the stress and strain on each layer of laminated composite beam. The reinforcement fiber was used a carbon fiber as material. The engineering properties values of multilayered beam and several others of the various results of the stress-strain distributions in the layers of the analyzed laminated beam are given. The numerical results in this work were calculated by using MATLAB software that is ready to analyzing of multilayered beam consist of material. Based on the results the maximum axial stress ( ) occurs on 00 ply, the maximum vertical stress ( ) occurs on 900 ply and the maximum shear stress (max ) occurs on 450 ply. They are presented in tabular and graphical forms.

Keywords: Laminated composite beam, MATLAB software, stress, strain