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An Advanced Safety Vehicle for Safe Driving

Ejjigiri Ramya, P. Venkateshwarlu

ZigBee technology is standard wireless based technology produced for particular needs with regard to added inexpensive. It is extremely appropriate for the greatest communication techniques. ZigBee, GSM and a lot of other sensors might be transported to the one that has met by getting any sort of accident. The overall structure relies upon the AT89S52 microcontroller. Research content uses we have got we've got the technology of ZigBee for your transmission of message to a different vehicle inside the time period of demand for their help as well as for serving the objective of secure driving the functions like motorists alcohol recognition, vehicle speed slowing down lower and automatic vehicle lock with collision recognition may be used. The key role of DTMF remains implied by the assistance of which appropriate user can control the security options of vehicle whether it's robbery.

Keywords: ZigBee technology, Microcontroller, Accident, GSM, Speed, Vehicle

Edition: Volume 5 Issue 8, August 2016

Pages: 1680 - 1682

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