Downloading: Design and Implementation of Audit Cloud for Consistency in Cloud Computing
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Design and Implementation of Audit Cloud for Consistency in Cloud Computing

D. Veerabhadraiah, M. Revathi

Abstract: , Cloud computing is a new computing paradigm that has been making strides to establish and serve the computing world in its own way. In fact cloud computing is the technology that enables individuals and organizations to gain access to huge amount of computing resource in pay per use fashion. It is complemented by virtualization technology in order to make the offerings affordable. Cloud is able to provide various services that are categorized into Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Cloud provides plethora of advantages that can avoid capital investment besides gaining access to services without geographical and time restrictions at affordable prices. It also provides many business opportunities and services. However, there is consistency problem in cloud due to replicas maintained in many servers. This is a challenging problem to be addressed. Based on the existing solution provided by Liu et al., in this paper we design and implement a consistency mechanism with algorithms for cloud data integrity and consistency. The proposed system takes care of various violations of data integrity with corrective measures. We also proposed a mechanism that takes care of consistency of data and overcome drawbacks of the previous approaches. We built a prototype application that demonstrates the proof of concept. The empirical results are encouraging.

Keywords: Index Terms Cloud computing, consistency, integrity, security