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Building and Developing E-commerce Website

Elham Mohammed Thabit AbdAlameer

Abstract: Recently the e-commerce platform is playing an important role in some areas; its activities are a subset of e-business activities. The aim of this paper is to build and develop a reliable website based on the e-commerce theories, developing effective well designed web pages. This website will sell computer products include (hardware and software). For implement the selling online website, it needs to use current technologies to achieve this goal. As a first stage, it should setting up online ecommerce store with easy-to-use. Then improve the customer experience, and lastly implement the Direct Online Sale between business to consumer by implement electronic payment methods. All these techniques should be based on deliberated plan according to strategy of electronic commerce with implement the current technology to ensure a good revenue to the company.

Keywords: Ecommerce, B2C, Payment Gateway, customer, vendor, LAN