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Words / Terms as the Object of Linguistic Research

Husan Berdiev

Abstract: There are terms of different form which are actively used in the Uzbek and Karakalpakianyurta building terminological system. Sometimes they were used in ancient times as special terms. The terms of yurta building were used in Uzbek language representatives speech as well as in Kazakh, Karakalpak, uygur and turkmenian languages. There are a lot words/terms meaning/defining building materials of yurta, material types, features, functions, significance, decorations of yurta materials, blankets coverings and other objects. The lexics of yurta building are analyzed basing on the results not only of linguistic sources and oral speech materials but also archeological, ethnographical, artistic folk lore researches. This proves the fact that the materials dealing with this terminological level should be studied specially and thoroughly. The yurta building lexics of Uzbek and karakalpakian languages has a special place in the lexical system of the language and is considered a significant linguistic value connected with the ancient legacy. For, semantics of the words of the sphere lexics, linguistic units of different periods, meaning scale of historical dialectal words are reflected in the yurta and words/terms connected with it up to now have not been in wide scale the object of research.

Keywords: Turkish people, Uzbek and Karakalpakian languages, lexical level, mentality, terminology, words/terms, yurta, yurta building lexical system