Downloading: Dimensions of Digital Nepal Framework and Appropriate Roadmap
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Dimensions of Digital Nepal Framework and Appropriate Roadmap

Shailendra Giri

Abstract: The aim of this paper is to the purposed a roadmap of digital Nepal and trying to explorer the various dimensions of the digital Nepal framework. The content analysis method was used for the study. The researcher claims that Digital Nepal is a broad conception of the Government of Nepal. The Government's big plan Digital Nepal is designed to facilitate Nepal to connect its driving socioeconomic growth of citizens which will help and support to achieve the sustainable development goal. The Digital Nepal Framework encompasses one nation, eight sectors, 80 digital initiatives. The study claims that there are eight dimensions of the Digital Nepal framework. They are the digital foundation, agriculture, health, education, energy, tourism; finance and urban. They will help to guide Nepal on its journey toward becoming a digital state in days to come. The Government of Nepal is successes in information and communication development in the nation. The possible roadmap of digital Nepal is clearly mentioned in two parts as infrastructure development and service and application. The way of digital Nepal is not so easy but the recent trends in the development of ICT in the country show that the true digital Nepal isn?t as for as we think.

Keywords: Digital Nepal, Smart Government, E-Governance, Digital Government, Digital Nepal Framework, Roadmap