Downloading: The Use of Semantic Web Technology in the Diagnosis Internal Diseases
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The Use of Semantic Web Technology in the Diagnosis Internal Diseases

Omer Ahmed Hamed Mohammed, Mustafa Omer Nawari, Hoyam Omer Ali Abdallah

Abstract: Recent interest of web applications (semantic web) have increased, with the aim Of supporting Discovery and the formation of compatibility services. Therefore, this paper is A discussion of the application for This technology in The field Of bioinformatics, and witch Help the internal diseases doctors to Diagnose Properly And to reduce the selecting of Symptoms inappropriate for Those diseases, our approach in this Research is how to Formalize the solution of a problem for particular disease even if it is difficult to find a Solution, we have used the tool (resource description framework) RDF in building the Database which in turn describes data content intelligently and understandable with use the Method (Psedocode) false code to the steps of solution. The paper also highlights some of the difficulties Facing the development of services (Semantic Web) and propose some experiments with Positive effects on the development of this project, The most important results of this Research is the difficulty of making a decision about the existence of a particular disease and Called it unless its symptoms are completed to avoid similarities between the symptoms of Various diseases.

Keywords: Semantic web Services SWS, Resource Description Framework RDF, Automated Agents, Web Ontology Language OWL, patient