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BER Analysis for MC-CDMA

Nisha Yadav, Vikash Yadav

Abstract: As demand for higher data rates is continuously rising, there is always a need to develop more efficient wireless communication systems. Efficient use of the spectrum is an essential problem in creating any multi-user cellular mobile system. The bandwidth requirements of the future 4G systems far exceed what the existing traditional setup can provide. A more creative utilization of the available bandwidth is more important now than ever before. The work described in this paper is my effort in this direction. I evaluated interference and bit error rate for multicarrier code division multiple access wireless communication system. In this thesis my concern is find out the effect of fading in MC DS-CDMA system. Performance analysis of a multi carrier direct sequence CDMA system will be carried out including the effect of fading. In this Paper, our main objective is to evaluate the effect of fading and Inter Carrier Interference (ICI) in a MC DS CDMA wireless system, to find out the expression of Unconditional BER of MC DS CDMA system including the above system limitations. I find out the analytical results of interference and BER analysis. Simulations are given to support the system and receiver design. All the simulation is carried out on MATLAB tool.

Keywords: CDMA, DS CDMA, ISI, DFT, I/N